Grasshopper Partners

These talented professionals will create a ShapeDiver-ready Grasshopper file for you.


Caruaru, Brazil

Pedro Vilarim is an expert Grasshopper developer that can help you create and develop products for 3D configurators.

+55 81 99505 5656

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Novi Sad, Serbia

We are 3D digital design studio that helps architects, AEC and product design companies to speed up, customize unique design solutions and improve customer engagement. We are specialized in computational design(Rhino & Grasshopper  ), digital fabrication (robotic fabrication, 3D printing, CNC machining), 3D product configurators and interactive walkthrough.


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Sci Mode Ltd.

Sofia, Bulgaria

  1. Sci-mode is a young company with a passion for ambitious computational design projects. Our work spans from configurators to custom plugins in product design and architecture.

Botyo Dimitrov: + 359 887 260 787

Georgi Stanchev: + 359 887 225 553,

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Rallar Architects

Trondheim, Norway

 Rallar specializes in parametric detailing and manufacturing of timber structures. Rallar is a team-based of architects, and collaborates with various manufacturers in Norway. Earlier projects includes bridges, furniture, glass facades and houses.   

+47 48037099

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Paris, France

Rhinoforyou is the main McNeel'Rhino reseller based in France. We train and develop on-demand on Rhino/Grasshopper up to expert levels. We propose also parametric, calculation, software interoperability & robotics engineering activities for many fields (AEC ...).

+33 6 60 07 18 86 / +33 1 83 81 22 60

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Brooklyn, New York

Oomstudios is a 3Ddesign and digital fabrication studio that works at the intersection of art, science, and architecture. The studio is engaged in new systems of making using computational design and digital fabrication tools. ering activities for many fields (AEC ...).


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Vorhammer Computational Design

Munich, Germany

We are specialized in Rhino & Grasshopper based solutions in the fields of Architecture, Product Design, and Fabrication. Visit for a live example, where we used Shapediver to create a clean Online Configurator for a complex product.

+49 89 92634873

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Elevons, LLC

Boston, MA

Elevons, LLC is a 3D digital design firm, specializing in combined digital and physical goods, distributed manufacturing and 3D printing. In short, we build next generation products.

(857) 263-3620‬

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